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Fort Collins, CO: Homes for Sale

Fort Collins is a midsize college city in Larimer County, some 65 miles north of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins is a YOUNG, VIBRANT COMMUNITY whose residents have a median age of 29.3 years. It is Colorado’s 4th most densely inhabited city with a population of more than 164,200. Fort Collins was once a military outpost for the United States Army during the 1860s. It was formed when infantry troops from Kansas and Colorado set up camp in what is now the Old Town downtown area. By 1872, Congress opened Fort Collins to settlers as a response to the request of farmers seeking new land. Today, the presence of the university and its renowned research facilities has attracted notable science and technology enterprises into Fort Collins. The city also has strong manufacturing and service industries.

Houses for Sale in Fort Collins CO

Homebuyers have plenty to choose from in Fort Collins. There are affordable options like FORT COLLINS TOWNHOUSES AND APARTMENTS for college students and young, first-time owners. Meanwhile, LUXURY PROPERTIES also abound in acre-size estates and waterfront homes. SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES come in a wide selection of styles and price ranges, as well. Colonials and Victorians showcase traditional and historic-style architecture, while there are also plenty of modern and contemporary properties. Ranch and Craftsman homes are common in Fort Collins neighborhoods, but you can also find an occasional unconventional design like a southwestern pueblo home here. Real estate investors also turn to Fort Collins for ACREAGE PROPERTIES. The area has excellent spaces and the ideal conditions to support the ownership and development of horse farms and ranch lands. Explore houses and condos for sale in Fort Collins, CO with Kittle Real Estate. Call 970-460-4444 or 970-325-6444 or drop an email at  

Transportation in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is divided into these specific neighborhoods:

  • Downtown
  • Midtown
  • South Fort Collins
  • North Fort Collins
Traveling across these neighborhoods is very easy, thanks to the many different options available. One of the best things about Fort Collins is that it has a big biking community. As a matter of fact, the city has been awarded as a “Bicycle Friendly Town.” Because of how well biking is adapted throughout the community, the locals have bike lanes, bike parking, bike share program, bicycle co-op, Tour de Fat, and many more. For those with a car, Downtown Fort Collins has a number of downtown parking garages that are safe and affordable. The city also has a number of street parking areas available. Public transportation includes several route stops throughout the city. There are also buses that operate on compressed natural gas or bio-diesel.  

Schools in Fort Collins

The Colorado State University is situated in Fort Collins, making it a college town.   The Poudre School District provides public K-12 education in Fort Collins. Shared with five neighboring towns, the district includes:
  • 32 elementary schools
  • 10 middle schools
  • 4 comprehensive high schools
  • 4 alternative high schools
As one of the fastest-growing school districts in Colorado, the Poudre School District is the second-largest employer in the city.  

Things To Do in Fort Collins

The city’s recreation department maintains more than 60 community parks and athletic fields located just a short distance from the residential neighborhoods. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool, ice skating rink, pottery studio, and a seniors’ activity center. One of the best things about Fort Collins is that it offers a number of family-friendly activities and attractions. A visit to THE FARM AT LEE MARTINEZ PARK introduces kids to the farm life by meeting the animals up close. During summer season, the park offers pony rides. Another must-visit attraction for the whole family is FORT FUN. This is a family-friendly amusement place where various activities are available. Among those activities include arcade games, go-karts, mini golf, paddle boats, laser tag, and many more. The best part is that it is available for all ages. Fort Collins also has an indoor swimming/skating facility known as the EPIC (EDORA POOL AND ICE CENTER). This facility is recognized as the largest swimming pool in the city, which regularly hosts amateur hockey league play and open skating events.  

Employment in Fort Collins

Some of the biggest employers in Fort Collins include the following companies:  
  • Agilent Technologies
  • City of Fort Collins
  • Colorado State University
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Larimer County
  • Poudre School District
  • Poudre Valley Health Systems
  The city has a growth rate of about 3% every year, with an average median family income of $76,341 per year.  

Nightlife in Fort Collins

Just like plenty of other bustling towns, Fort Collins has an assortment of nightlife spots to visit. This is largely due to its identity as a college town.   As a matter of fact, Fort Collins is recognized as the Craft Beer Capital of Colorado. The town is able to produce 70 percent of craft beer throughout Colorado. It ranks 7 percent of the whole United States.   There are 20 award-winning craft breweries in Fort Collins. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, one of the most famous and large breweries in the world, can be found in Fort Collins. This popular brewery offers tours to see how Budweiser is made.   There is also an option to visit the ODELL BREWING COMPANY, known as the first craft brewery that was established in Fort Collins. The brewery offers tasting room experiences for beer lovers.   Apart from breweries, Fort Collins has a number of laid-back pubs where you can connect with friends or listen to live music.
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The first Americans who settled in the area were the 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. They established Fort Collins in 1862 near what is now the Old Town area. The Kansas troops were replaced by a group of Colorado infantry who moved to near what is now Wood Street in 1864 after a flood destroyed the camp’s original buildings. Fort Collins remained a military outpost until it was abandoned in 1866 by the U.S. Army. It was opened to settlement in 1872 by Congress after many farmers expressed their interest in settling the area. The Agricultural Colony Land Company soon arrived thereafter to lay out the first formal boundaries for Fort Collins properties. Growth in the Fort Collins area was fueled during the 20th century by sugar industries, several computer technology industries and steady growth in Colorado State University’s enrollment. This growth encouraged the development of several popular neighborhoods including City Park, Waterglen and Rogers Park. Fort Collins CO homes are now situated in a beautiful Larimer County city that offers Fort Collins home buyers many outdoor recreational activities, a diverse economy, a thriving arts scene and safe neighborhoods. These benefits make Fort Collins homes a great value for anyone who wishes to relocate to the Fort Collins area. For more details about the start of real estate in Fort Collins, please visit this INTERESTING WEBSITE maintained by the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.
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Recreational Facilities and Activities in Fort Collins, CO

The FORT COLLINS RECREATION DEPARTMENT offers many 60 recreational facilities that are located near many high-quality Fort Collins homes. Some of these facilities include AN ICE RINK, A SWIMMING POOL, a POTTERY STUDIO, a SENIOR CENTER and a youth activity center. Other recreational facilities include more than 60 athletic fields and community parks. Moreover, the Fort Collins Recreation Department offers many recreational activities that offer home buyers who purchase homes in Fort Collins many ways to learn about hobbies and healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these activities include aquatics classes, ice skating classes, pottery classes, dance lessons, more than 20 recreational sports activities and many youth recreation camps. Interestingly, a couple of marathons take place in Fort Collins every year.
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Attractions in Fort Collins, CO

The Fort Collins area is home to many fun attractions that are located near a Fort Collins realtor or real estate agent who can help you find a great home. One of the best places to visit is the OLD TOWN HISTORIC DISTRICT. This area has an array of bookstores, shops, galleries, local eateries, and a calendar full of fun activities. A visit to the FORT COLLINS MUSEUM OF DISCOVERY is also a great way to inspire young kids to have a curious mind. There is also a self-guided historic walking tour of the downtown Fort Collins area. You may also take an old trolley to see the historic spots, such as the famous Victorian home called the AVERY HOUSE. Fort Collins has been nicknamed as a Certified Colorado Creative District due to its innovative and artistic environment. For outdoor activities, this northern Colorado city has a great community that promotes the love for nature. One destination to visit is the LORY STATE PARK, which is the national park of Fort Collins. For a fun summer day, a visit to the HORSETOOTH RESERVOIR is a must for its various activities, such as horseback riding, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, rock climbing, and mountain biking. It also has areas for hiking, off-road driving, and plenty of other outdoor activities. Golfers can also find solace in their favorite sport at the COLLINDALE GOLF COURSE in Fort Collins.
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Find Your Dream Home in Fort Collins, CO Today

With your vacation time coming to an end, it may be difficult to part ways with a town as accommodating and hospitable as Fort Collins. Many others share the same sentiment! Back in March 2017, Fort Collins was named as the 11th Happiest City in America by Yahoo! Finance. This is why there are plenty of people who have opted to relocate to Fort Collins and start a new life in this bustling and young community. Of course, it’s hard not to fall in love with Fort Collins. After all, it has received recognition for the following titles:
  • Best place to live
  • Best place to raise a family
  • Best college town for a vacation
Because of the many things offered by Fort Collins, it’s easy to see why many love to call this town as their home in Colorado. With its award-winning public school system, major employers, and higher education options, you’ll easily fit right in and make a home in Fort Collins. You’ll never be bored with all the different activities available in the city, whether it’s an adventure-filled weekend, family adventure, or a night out in town. There is always something for everyone waiting in Fort Collins. Check out the available homes and condos for sale in Fort Collins, CO. Call Kittle Real Estate at 970-460-4444 or 970-325-6444 or send an email to You’ll find your next dream home in Fort Collins.
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