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Your Real Estate Questions Answered

I was recently on a radio show answering some great questions about real estate and I wanted to share those with you today.

I was recently a guest on 600 KCOL Fox News Radio with Jimmy Lakey to a few questions about the real estate world, and I want to share those answers with you today.

Q: Does it make sense to start planning upgrades and remodels if the seller isn’t going to sell for four years?

A: Honestly, the sooner the better. I have clients that have met with me to discuss the sale of their home in two years, so four years in advance would break my record, but I think it would be a smart way to approach adding value. Make sure you’re careful with how you upgrade and which remodels you undertake.

For example, I once had a home that I had lived in for 10 years and made some upgrades to including a great tile backsplash. When I went to sell it five years later, that backsplash was already outdated. Make sure you choose finishes that are timeless without too much personality. When it comes to sitting down and figuring out what those items would be and the best way to approach working those upgrades into your home, the sooner the better.

Q: When you hire Rob Kittle, you hire a team. Tell us a little bit about the Rob Kittle team.

A: There are about 23 people that work with the Rob Kittle team right now, which includes a team of specialists. It seems that one of the biggest complaints when it comes to working with a single agent is that the client never knows what’s going on. With a team there is more communication and clients are informed about every step of the process. It’s one thing to promise that you’re a good agent, and another thing to prove it, and I feel our team works hard to prove it.

Q: Are Zillow’s estimates accurate?

A: The founder of Zillow has said that their estimates are within 20% accuracy, so be cautious with those. Zillow’s estimates don’t take into account if you’ve done any upgrades or remodeling, which is obviously going to have a huge impact on your home’s true value.

Q: I’ve seen you in a moving truck around town, what’s that about?

A: The moving truck is just another service that we offer our buyers and sellers. If you are going through a transaction with us or if you’re a past client, we’re going to let you use our moving truck. It’s actually a pretty popular service, and I’ve had to look into buying a couple more.

If you have any other questions about real estate that you’d like me to answer, or if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I also encourage you to check out Jimmy Lakey’s Radio Show- KCOL Morning‘s with Jimmy Lakey!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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