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Thank You for Helping Us Support River’s Promise

Jimmy Lakey founded River’s Promise to help children in Africa go to school and to fund other basic needs for African orphans. Today, we’re sitting down with Jimmy to learn a bit more about his organization.

Today we’re visiting Jimmy Lakey, the founder of River’s Promise, to donate some of our profits.

River’s Promise is a foundation in Africa that helps send children to school and funds other basic needs for African orphans. If you have bought or sold a home with us, you have helped us donate $10,000 to River’s Promise. It takes $3,000 to build a house, and $35 a month helps send a child to school and funds other amenities.

Whenever we buy or sell a house, a portion of that transaction goes back to help the community. River’s Promise has one paid employee who actually lives in Africa; everyone who works for the organization in the U.S. does so on a volunteer basis.

Jimmy and his wife are true humanitarians. They adopted their son, River, from Rwanda. Although the Lakeys wanted to adopt more than one child, the adoption process took a very long time. “I thought, I can’t leave them behind,” says Jimmy.

Not only that, Jimmy wanted to make sure that he had an answer for the day when his son would ask about what happened to his friends at the orphanage, so he and his wife started their foundation. You can read their full story here.

Jimmy and I have both been to Africa; I went to Guinea in West Africa back in 1995. I saw the conditions there firsthand, and I believe that some money in the right hands will make a huge difference. That’s why the Kittle Team makes donations to foundations like River’s Promise.

If you are interested in helping River’s Promise, Jimmy has a few tips. “I stopped taking things back with me [from the U.S.],” Jimmy says. “I can have a shoe drive here or I can buy shoes from a vendor [in Africa] and keep him in business.” From school supplies to clothes, Jimmy can use your donations to help children as well as their local economy.

At Kittle Cares, we are honored to help organizations like River’s Promise improve people’s lives.

If you have any questions about River’s Promise or Kittle Cares, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you!

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